Monopolio - Whitepaper

What is Monopolio?

Monopolio is the first investment metaverse where you can make your dreams of entrepreneurship come true and create a prosperous business. All this while having fun and earning money.
In Monopolio you will be able to feel that feeling of rising from the bottom and creating your own empire.
Start as an entrepreneur and work your way up to owning the most lucrative businesses in the Monopolio world. In the process, you will have a lot of fun.

Where does Monopolio plan to go?

We have no limits. We are here to revolutionize the NFT world.
In the next few years, Monopolio will be the worldwide reference for Metaverse-based NFT games.
Get ready to play Monopolio in real life, because the metaverse will be our new reality and you will be ready to face it as a great investor.
Imagine the business you have wanted so much at your fingertips, your own company, your own condominiums, your own hotels, all this and more is Monopolio.
In addition, we bring it to you so you can enjoy it and start living like the great entrepreneur you are. To give you an idea of what we have for you, here is a small list of what you can find in MONOPOLIO:
  • Exclusive Events
  • PVP (Destroy your friends' city and earn money)
  • Casino
  • Create your character: take it to a party, show your status, and show the other players everything you have achieved on your own.
  • Shady business: create your plantations, bribe, sell and make yourself respected among the other gangs! Above all, don't forget to launder your money with legal business.
This is just the beginning, there is much more to come in the MONOPOLIO metaverse.
Last modified 7mo ago