Game introduction

To start your adventure in Monopolio, the first thing you will need to do is to acquire land and a business.

How to acquire Land: You can get it in three different ways.
  • Buying in the land pre-sale (Pre-sale on January 16, 2022).
  • Buying a Common land (Entrepreneur) inside the game, it has a fixed cost of 25$.
  • Buying in the game’s Marketplace.
Once you have your land, you can start looking for your first business.
How to acquire a Business: You can obtain businesses in two different ways.
  • Opening unlimited business briefcases inside the game.
  • Buying the business you like in the marketplace.
Once you have your land and your first business, you will have to pay a weekly municipal tax for each business. The fee will be 13% of the total amount your business produces weekly.
You will also have the option to pay insurance (not mandatory). The insurance system allows players (for a small fee of 10% of what your business generates per day), to have constant and solid rewards. This protects you from accidents at work or natural disasters that may reduce the profitability of your business.

How can I scale my empire within the Monopolio world?

You will have two ways to do this.
  • Being an entrepreneur: start from the bottom and when you have your land full of businesses and you have completed the experience levels of your land, you can upgrade your land to a higher one in which you can get better returns to your businesses and you will have more slots to acquire businesses.
If your land is, for example: Common/Entrepreneur, you will have to have it full of Common/Entrepreneur businesses to be able to upgrade your land.
  • Being an investor: it is the same mechanics as the previous option, but instead of having to play to complete the experience levels of your land, you will be able to pay a commission to skip that step and upgrade your land to the next level.