At the Marketplace players can buy or sell their NFts to other players at the price defined by the seller (Max Price +50% of the cost of the NFT) .
-In Monopolio our priority are the players so we have placed a max price of +50% for NFTs sold at the Marketplace . This means that if a Bussiness which Minting cost is 100$ is sold, it cannot be sold higher than 150$ , this avoid toxics and harmful dynamics for the Liquidity of the token
  • 15% BNB sales tax : If you sell a Bussiness for 100$ , the buyer must pay 85$ with token and 15$ with BNB and the seller receiver that 85$ , the remaining 15$ of BNB goes enterely to the Liquidity Pool of the token thus aiding long-term price strength and complementing the oracle
-There is a Cooldown of 24-48 hours for put on sale a new minted NFT that was bought at the marketplace .
  • The transaction used the 85% of the price with token and 15% with BNB and the same time, if you buy a 100$ NFT at marketplace you will use 85$ at token and 15$ at BNB at the same time during same transaction , similar process to minting .
-There is a random cooldown (5 to 10 minutes) when listing an NFT, this means if you put on sale a NFT at 18:20 it might appear at Marketplace during 18:25-18:30 this way avoiding bots
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