Understand how Staking works in Monopolio
At Monopolio, we bring you a revolutionary way of staking in NFT games.
We are the first NFT game with oracle that offers a way to staking your tokens without affecting the internal economy, besides giving it an important social orientation.
The staking will be done through a registration system designed so that players from all over the world have the same access opportunities.
Every Sunday from 00:01 to 23:59, you can register your business to the staking.
Once Monday starts, at 00:00 UTC the registration places will be closed and the limit of staking tokens will be distributed among the registered businesses. The limit of stakable tokens is 200,000 among all the sheikhs.
300,000 tokens are distributed over 50 weeks (1 year), and all tokens are shared between the stakers (67%) and the business owners (33%).
Monopolio allows you to earn tokens with other people's money. You can register your business and allow your friends to staking without worrying and take a commission or reserve the right to stake your own tokens in your business and keep all the cake. Remember, the further you take your empire, the more tokens you can stake.
The annual APR will range from 150% to 1000%, depending on the businesses enrolled on Sunday, and is a perfect source of income to supplement the daily passive income from your businesses.
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