Synergies, taxes and insurance
At Monopolio, we have created an economic system based on synergies, insurance and municipal taxes.

What are synergies?

Synergies are very important to get the best profitability for your business.
If you have more than 1 equal business in your land, for example: 2 Ice Cream Shops, you will be making one-business take customers away from the other, therefore, you will not be able to get 100% of their profitability.
If you have two or more of the same business on the same land, the profitability of each of your businesses will drop by 20%.

What is insurance?

The insurance will cover you for all money losses in case of work accidents, environmental catastrophes, etc.
Taking out insurance costs 10% of what your business generates on a daily basis. If you do not have insurance, your income can be greatly affected, even your business could generate only 20% of what it should generate daily.
  • It is not mandatory to purchase insurance.
  • The insurance must be contracted in advance; you will be offered the possibility to contract the insurance for different days, 7 - 14 - 28 days.
  • The insurance insures 100% of the production of your business.
  • Each business has a different insurance; you must buy 1 insurance for each business.

What are the municipal taxes?

The municipal taxes are very important, if you do not have your business up to date with the municipal taxes, your business will not be able to produce money.
Every business must pay a municipal tax to be able to open to the public and earn money like in real life of bussiness. The fees are paid in advance and you can contract them in different installments, 7 - 14 - 28 days.