Monopolio is a game made by and for players.
Our Token $S contract is designed so that it can be bought on the Exchange, but not sold. Only the token can be sold on the Exchange that has circulated at some point through the game and added value in Monopolio.
Basically, the generated token can be sold in:
  • Business
  • Marketplace
  • Ido (Toke Presale)
  • Airdrops
We make this possible thanks to a unique token marking system, allowing its origin to be identified and it being possible to sell when value has been added to Monopolio.

No Bots in Lands Presale , Ido, and Listing.

A bot that cannot sell. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?
Our system eliminates speculators and holders from the equation who do not add any kind of value to the project. If a bot buys, it will not be able to sell (rather it helps us increase liquidity and price).
At the same time, we have the most solid tools at the moment to avoid bots in the different stages of the project launch. Each of the phases is designed to completely eliminate the presence and impact of bots in Monopolio, with which we will have zero tolerance.
In addition, to be able to buy the token in pancakeswap, a KYC will be necessary through email and associated wallet, allowing us to detect any exploit attempt and act accordingly.
The impact of our technology to completely eliminate Monopolio whales and bots is so significant in the NFT ecosystem, we’ve decided it should have a name of its own.
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