Sustainability Team
We know that it will have caught your attention that our team does not have a single token.
We also know that you may be wondering, how we are going to finance the team without having a single token in our possession, it is easy to explain...
In Monopolio, we will open business cases for a fixed price. The briefcase will be purchased with 70% of its value in the token of the game and the other 30% of its value in BNB.
25% of each briefcase that people pay in BNB goes directly to all project expenses.
  • Improvement and maintenance of servers.
  • ⦁ Game development and implementation of new features.
  • ⦁ Talent recruitment and team growth.
  • Expenses for Metaverse development
  • Profits
  • Marketing Campaign and Influencers collaborations
Among other things.
In addition we will also have 2M$ of the 10.000 lands that were sold in the pre-sale.
We have seen how many NFT projects have been affected in the price of their token because of the same team, so in Monopolio we wanted to do it in a very different way; we do not want people who invest money in our token/game to see their investment affected by sales of tokens from the team itself.
Other events like : Taxes , Early Claim , Insurance , Late Claim and Marketplace Taxes . That requires to pay $TOKEN will go at 100% to reward pool
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