Token Information
Everything you need to know about the Monopolio token
In Monopolio the token ***** is used.
The reason why we do not say the name of the token is to avoid unpleasant situations that have been evidenced in other games with Scammers who take advantage and we will not allow that.
Don't worry, the name is already chosen and it starts with S ;)
Players will generate $***** in the game and will be able to use it in-game, as well as exchange it for other tokens in authorized DEX like Pancakeswap..
In addition, by decision of the whole team we have decided that 1% of the total token will be reserved for different charity and environmental projects.
It will be up to the community to choose the projects to which the funds will be allocated. These donations will be spaced out in time and amount so that they do not have an impact on the price of the token.
The total supply of the token ***** is of 10,000,000
Of each minting of business NFTs, 5% of the 30% that people will pay in BNB will go towards the liquidity of the token.
Token contract: 0xF000AE36296c0bbada50722f96b3400D1BEF6C4b
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